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We have moved!!! (June 1, 2015)


We have moved our company to a larger facility! We moved the company staring in June of this year. The new location is a 12,500 sq. ft. warehouse with about 1,750 sq. ft.  of office space. We had to do a substantial amount of work to get the building ready for our needs. We ran electrical, built offices, ran air lines and built a nice breakroom for our employees. Below is some pictures of the process.



New Machinery Purchase!!! (July 24, 2015)


We are excited about the purchase of our new, Haas ST-10 with Bar Feeder Attachment! This machine is the new flagship machine for our company. With the new design of the bar feeder, coupled with newer features on the lathe, this machine will increase productions times tremendously for multiple jobs that we do. Below is some pictures of the delivery and install.

New Machinery Purchase!!! (September 1, 2015)


We are excited about our new purchase of our Haas VF-4, Haas St-25 CNC Machines and a Cosen C-260NC CNC Saw. These machines will expand our capabilities is amazing ways.


The ST-25 has a 3" through bore as well as a tail stock. It is a more rigid platform allowing for heavier cuts and bores. 


The VF-4 as well has a very rigid platform. This will allow for heavier cuts and larger boring and drilling operations. It has a wide envelope of 50"x20"x25". This is the largest envelope we have now. Also with this machine we have a 4th axis integrated attachment. This will allow for intricate OD work on many jobs that we would not have abilities to do before. 


The addition of a second CNC Saw, the Cosen C-260NC, will allow us to speed up and pre-production times. As we have got busier of the past year, one saw hasn't been enough to keep up with the demand. With this addition, it will speed up cut times and allow for faster pre-production from recieving to machining.


We are very excited about both of these additions and look forward to the new doors they will open for us in the future!


Below is some pictures of the equipment being picked up from where we bought them and being delivered to us and set in place.


New Machinery Purchase!!! (September 16, 2016)

On Monday, September 12, we were able to get under contract with a customer on some production parts we have been providing them over the past few months. With this contract comes more machine work than we can keep up with with the current equipment we have. So, we frantically searched to locate a machine and locate one quick to upgrade our capabilities to be able to produce these parts in the time frame needed. (Which is a super tight timeframe.)

On Thursday, we finalized purchase of a Haas VF-3SS from a Haas Factory Outlet in Colfax, NC. We couldn't have been more appreciative of the help and support from them for making this happen so quickly.

Friday Dad left with Nealey Transport, LLC from Ellijay and heading to NC to get the machine.

The machine made it to our facility around 11:30 Friday night. We spent that weekend getting it powered up, leveled and running.

We are excited about this growth and this contract that we have been working on and toward to come through. We couldn't have made this happen without the help from our employees who helped hold the fort down during this mad scramble, our financial institution for doing this so quickly, and for Jeffrey's Manufacturing for helping run down a machine. It was a joint effort and we greatly appreciate all parties involved!!


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What's New

We just got in our newest CNC addition to our product line this year. We now offer CNC Laser Cutting Services!


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